about b. r. Etja

ETJA is a multi-media artist working across disciplines in creativity, art and healing.  She integrates dreams and image with an artistic practice in painting, performance, and writing.  She has exhibited across the U.S. and is in private collections. 

The GENESIS Series, paintings based on the first book of the Bible was exhibited at the Borowsky Gallery in Philadelphia.  Her play, boxWINDOWdoor was performed in 2010, and staged at the Hollywood Fringe Theatre in 2010, 2011, and 2012, winning 'Best in Show' in 2010.  She produced and performed in PRAYER: A Song Cycle in Los Angeles, and Seattle in 2014. 

She is an Embodied Imagination© Coach, a Continuum Practitioner and a practitioner of Tarotpy©.  She is currently working on fiction, a new visual art series incorporating word and image and expanding her private guidance practice using the tools of practical mysticism.  Her past work can be found under her former pseudonym, Evelyn Stettin.   

© 2017 Evelyn Stettin